Joey Zeller's Shirt

Help us raise money for Joey Zeller's recovery!

Help us raise money for Joey Zeller's recovery!

Joey Zeller was in a horrific car accident early Christmas morning. As friends and family gather by his side, we want to gather money for his medical bills and support continued prayers for healing.

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Joey Zeller was on his way to his grandparents early Christmas morning when his car reared off the road and hit a tree. Upon impact his car caught fire and he was rushed to the University of Louisville Hospital where he still remains in a medically induced coma. He has endured and is still enduring life saving surgeries and dialysis that are draining his bank account and will cause him to declare bankruptcy. Please take a minute to pass this on and leave the healing to Joey, and the money for us all (as a community) to raise! Whether you know him or not, you would want the same treatment for yourself or a family member if this situation was ever encountered. Let him heal easily, he has such a testimony to tell once he is healed! 

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